The 21st Century is a clever twist on the much-older Twentieth Century cocktail, with tequila and absinthe taking the place of gin and white wine apéritif.



The 21st Century is an odd combination, but when it’s in perfect balance; like good health, it’s a beautiful thing.

The Recipe

What you need

2 oz tequila blanco
¾ oz light Creme de Cacao
¾ oz lemon juice
¼ oz Absinthe
What you do

Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with absinthe (or anise liqueur):

POUR the absinthe into the glass, swirl it around, and discard (or drink).
Then SHAKE the remaining ingredients with ice, and STRAIN into the rinsed glass.

Garnish: none
Serve: Nick & Nora glass
Style: Strong Aperiftf
Taste: Subtle anise

Patrick (Paddy) Moore

Patrick (Paddy) Moore is the author of the series Quarantinis, Eh? featuring cocktails that commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021.

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