It’s the Chartreuse that makes this drink special. 

This vegetal, naturally green or yellow liqueur was first conjured up by the Carthusian Monks of France in 1737. 

Supposedly it is the result of the maceration of 130 specific herbs and plants of which are known to only two monks. The result is a bouquet reminiscent of mint, caraway seeds and basil. 

There is nothing more to say


According to, The Last Word was first served at the Detroit Athletic Club, circa 1915. After World War Two, the drink retreated to the dusty corners of out-of-fashion cocktails until the early days of this 21st century when Murray Stenson at Seattle’s Zig Zag Café, unearthed the classic and it has become popular around the globe. We used green Chartreuse for this recipe.

The Recipe

What you need

¾ oz gin
¾ oz fresh lime juice
¾ oz ​Green Chartreuse
¾ oz ​Maraschino Liqueur

What you do

COMBINE ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker.
Cover and SHAKE vigorously.
STRAIN the contents into the serving glass.
Garnish: maraschino cherry
Serve: Coupe or Sour glass
Style: Aperitif
Taste: Balanced sour, herbal

Patrick (Paddy) Moore

Patrick (Paddy) Moore is the author of the series Quarantinis, Eh? featuring cocktails that commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021.

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