The Lightsaber

If the confinement of the pandemic is beginning to wear on all our nerves, at least we can escape to A galaxy far, far away, and back in time to the human year 1977, when the Star Wars franchise was created. 

Love it or hate it, Star Wars is a successful brand that isn’t going away. Investopedia says, “the Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful in the world. Disney purchased the franchise from Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in 2012, and the first four films produced by Disney earned back $4.8 billion at the box office.”

In December 2020, Disney and LucasFilm announced the planned roll out of ten new “Star Wars” global series on streaming service in the coming years, with development on many already underway. That’s on top of the three “Star Wars” movies currently on the studio’s theatrical release calendar.

The Lego Group has also done rather well.  From manufacturing the interlocking toy bricks beginning  in 1949, movies, games, competitions and eight Legoland amusement parks have been built under the brand..  

The Lightsaber

This may appear to be a Sapphire Blue Martini in disguise, but this Lightsaber is ruled by Rey (daughter of Luke) Skywalker

According to Wookepedia, The Star Wars Wiki, Rey, was a human female Jedi Master who fought on the side of the Resistance in the war against the First Order. 

Rey was introduced as a 19-year-old woman in The Force Awakens. She is stubborn, headstrong, brave, optimistic, and maintains fierce loyalty to her friends.

Rey is portrayed by the actress Daisy Ridley.  She says, “It’s not because Rey is strong that she’s amazing. It’s all the complexities of a human. It’s because she is a well-drawn person who is struggling with things and you’re with her.”

Rey’s hopefulness is what she related to most, inspiration that we share with you today.

Patrick (Paddy) Moore

Patrick (Paddy) Moore is the author of the series Quarantinis, Eh? featuring cocktails that commemorate the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021.

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